Council Loan Program (CLP)


The mission of this program is to establish a self-sustaining systemic change program that will help people who have been self-sufficient and be able to avoid falling into long term financial struggles due to an unexpected and temporary financial crisis. It assists people in need by providing a low interest loan supported by the Fort Worth District Council of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul.

Many people have never needed assistance because their lifestyles were based on regular paychecks and living within their means. They have prided themselves on their independence and paying their own way. However, when an unexpected situation beyond their control occurs such as a medical emergency, funeral costs, expensive car repairs, or a temporary reduction in work hours, it can produce an overwhelming burden that prevents them from successfully managing their finances. They do not qualify as low income and are not eligible for government and agency assistance programs that have income criteria for eligibility. Without assistance, they face long term financial struggles and a high potential of falling into long-term debt and an ongoing poverty cycle.

Who do we help?
This program is suitable for individuals and families who are facing an unexpected and temporary situation requiring financial assistance and who are able and willing to pay back a loan. The criteria that needs to be met when applying for the loan is:

• Must have an income that supports an ability to pay back a loan.
• Must acknowledge and be willing to pay back the loan
• Must be willing to have all the details of their financial status reviewed by the case worker and, importantly, must give full and honest details/answers in order for a proper assessment of the client's needs.

Does the loan need to be paid back?
Yes, the money being paid back will be loaned out again to another family in need.

How are we funded?
Donations from individuals, matching grants, bequests, local businesses, community families and organizations have donated to this program to directly help those in need in our local community. This is a not-for-profit organization. Donations are tax deductible.

How do we help the family in preventing this from happening again?
Although we cannot say they will not fall into hardship again we do help them understand personal financing and put them on a path for financial planning and success by establishing financial tools, such as budget worksheets, graphs, etc. for them.

Who do I call for help?
Council Loan Program Hotline at 817-595-6575
(Please leave your name and phone number so we may contact you)

How can I make a tax deductible donation to this program?
You can donate online below or mail gift-cards or donations by check to the following address: 

Society of Saint Vincent de Paul
Council Loan Program
P O Box 13984
Arlington, TX 76094
(please note "CLP donation" on your check)

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