Fort Worth Diocesan Council



Holy Family Catholic Church
6051 Pershing Avenue
Fort Worth, TX 76107
Phone: (817) 727-0121

Our main project is to help the poor all year round by making home visits. We educate our clients by advising them of the available resources in their areas and help them understand how to solve their problems. We give food, clothing, furniture and financial assistance to our clients as resources are available. During the Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving feast days we get our whole parish involved in donating food, financial assistance, preparing food baskets, moving food baskets to parishioners vehicles and transporting the food baskets to approximately 50 poor families. During the Christmas season in conjunction with the food baskets, our parishioners also provide Christmas gifts for the children of the poor. We also bring joy during the Easter season to approximately 160 lonely,elderly,handicapped or homebound people by visiting them and bringing them Easter lilies. During the Summer before school starts, we get our whole parish involved again to donate school supplies or financial assistance so that we can help the children of the poor be prepared for school.

We have an ongoing need for donations, money, food, furniture, etc. PLease call (817) 727-0121 for any donation you would like to extend be it in kind or in cash.Your generosity will be noted by Our Heavenly Father. Thanks