Fort Worth Diocesan Council




Holy Family Catholic Church
6150 Pershing Avenue
Fort Worth, TX 76107
Phone: (817) 727-0121

Holy Family SVDP Conference officers.

  • President : --------------Tom Church
  • Vice Presidents : ------Kathy Rosenhammer
  • Treasurer: ---------------Raymond Garcia
  • Secretaries: --------------Carol Franke. (Recording),David Bass (Correspondence)
  • Spiritual Adviser: -------Doc Rushing

    If you are interested in joining SVDP and and believe in our Vision that in the spirit of friendship and charity we will provide compassionate service, on a person-to-person basis by seeing Godís presence in those we serve, then please call (817)727-0121.


    St. Vincent de Paul (1581 - 1660) "You will find out that charity is a heavy burden to carry, heavier than the bowl of soup and the full basket. But you will keep your generosity and your smile, it is not enough to give bread and soup, this the rich can do. Always be sincere and good-humoured. The poor are your masters and the more difficult they will be, the more love you must give them. For it is only by your love that they forgive you for offering them bread."