Fort Worth Diocesan Council





St George's Catholic Church
3508 Maurice Ave
Fort Worth, TX
Phone: (817) 831-4404

In a spirit of justice and charity the SVDP-Saint George conference will strive to serve anyone in need and shall do its best to accomplish the following Christian virtues through the generosity of people who contribute in a variety of ways.

Sharing our bread with the hungry,
Sheltering the oppressed and the homeless;
Clothing the naked when you see them,,
And not turning your back on your own. Isaiah 58:6-7

Vincent de Paul (1581 - 1660) "You will find out that charity is a heavy burden to carry, heavier than the bowl of soup and the full basket. But you will keep your generosity and your smile, it is not enough to give bread and soup, this the rich can do. Always be sincere and good-humoured. The poor are your masters and the more difficult they will be, the more love you must give them. For it is only by your love that they forgive you for offering them bread." ....Please reflect on this and join us !!